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Grooming Rooney

June 7, 2011

Update August 15 2011: Don’t miss Grooming Rooney: Part II with new pictures. 

Premier League football player Wayne Rooney is being taunted for his decision to get a hair transplant. I don’t understand why.

I suspect it’s the infamous British Media spewing their hate/gossip/derogative commentary to the world once again.

Sure, Ryan Giggs had it coming, and Wayne Rooney had it coming too when he cheated on his model girlfriend last year. And that time the brit media really knocked Rooney out, just like they are doing to Ryan Giggs now.

But coming at him over hair transplants? That’s like saying “getting hair transplants is as bad as cheating on your model girlfriend”.

And that’s like saying “It doesn’t matter what you do, we will come at you with full force nonetheless! What, your favorite movie is Weekend at Bernie’s? We are going to bury you for that, just like they didn’t do in that movie”.

Come on. The guy is really balding! And he needs help!

Personally I love this story because it gives me a way in (or a Wayne in, tee-hee) to point out to Sika that there is help out there. And no Sika, you don’t need to get a model girlfriend and cheat on her before doing something about that emerging bald patch on top of your head.


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