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Aw Crap!

June 2, 2011

janne the director from lunki and sika wearing a The Shield logo t-shirtNot long ago I told you guys how I cheated the system by publishing a blog post with stuff I was about to buy on so I could click those links myself and get some cash back.

Remember? It was called Shit I plan to buy.

That went well so I planned to cheat the system again by buying the stuff on this new list:

The Boys: The Self Preservation Society (vol.6) and The Boys: Innocents (Vol.7)

Why? Because I have become quite addicted to this by now. It’s like… Superheroes told in a Caligula manner… but funnier.

The Muppet Show – Season 3 [DVD]

Because I’m a Muppoholic.

Then three books by my favorite comicbook artist Kyle Baker:

Nat Turner

Nat Turner Book 2: Revolution: Revolution Bk. 2

Through the Looking Glass (Classics Illustrated) (Classics Illustrated Graphic Novels)

This guy is funnier than Phil Hartman’s cocky smile, John Belushi’s unshaved chin and Chris Farley falling over a table. Why? Because he is still alive and makes wonderful art.

The only problem is… I accidentally pushed BUY on before I actually managed to post this list. Aw crap.

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  1. Sika permalink*
    June 2, 2011 10:59

    How the hell do you reckon I’d be able to pay the two billion dollars you promised to John and Martin when you screw up like this??

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