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Harold Camping: Third time’s the charm

May 21, 2011

US preacher Harold Camping predicted that the earth would come to an end today. And since you are reading this blog that has not happened (unless I wrote this in advance and programmed it to be published after the end of the world and you are the last person alive on planet earth..)

However, in some weird way I feel a little bummed that the earth did not come to an end today. I am happy to be alive of course but to take part of such a historical event would be awesome!

I am not too surprised though because this isn’t the first time Harold Camping predicted the apocalypse. He pulled the same shit back in 1994, and as we all know it did not happened back then either. And until Harold pulls a new date out of his ass the next date to look forward to is December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world.

Now I have some canned food to eat. See you later?


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