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I understand Lars von Trier

May 20, 2011

janne the director from lunki and sika wearing a The Shield logo t-shirtWhat can I say? … I understand Lars von Trier.

Well, not when he speaks Danish of course.

The whole Cannes drama about director von Trier saying he’s a nazi has been shot out of proportions. I mean; me and many other Swedes are still waiting for our beloved Queen Silvia to say “I’m a Nazi” because of her father’s business back in the days. And that is all von Trier did, saying he found out his family was Nazis. It doesn’t make him a nazi!

And the “I understand Hitler”-soundbite everybody loves? Sounds to me he tried to say it in context to Hitler shooting his own head off in a bunker. But poorly phrased, yes. So picking on von Trier for those soundbites is REALLY just dickish.

Even though it would turn out that he really is the Danish Mel Gibson I just beg of you all: hate him for who he is and not for what’s being written about him. I have hated the man for a long time. He has made a bunch of my favorite films and I expect more of them to come, but I hate that he doesn’t trust his own films enough to just shut the hell up and let them speak for themselves instead of drumming up drama.


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