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What is Sweden: Eurovision Song Contest 2011

May 15, 2011

sika with a charlie sheen winning t-shirt standing in front of the Swedish flagSweden didn’t win the Eurovision Song Contest. Azerbaijan did.

That fact didn’t stop the Swedish newspapers printing that it meant Sweden won. Basically anyway.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet states: since the song writer, some of the back-up singers and the choreographer of the Azerbaijan team were Swedish it means “The winning song is pretty much Swedish.”

Yes, it’s The proudness of the Swedes. We get it wherever we can.

This year I decided not to watch the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m sick of it. It’s either the wrong song that won (not the Swedish one) or the right one (the Swedish one) or the almost right one (the Swedish one placed high and the the winning song had Swedish connections).

And just like Janne the Director writes in his blog post, The Eurovision Song Contest is truly a spectacle. Artists dressing up in one thing worse and more flamboyant than the other, singing songs that sound the same in an event that is waaaaayy too long.

I boycotted it for the first time this year and watched Justin Bieber: Never say Never instead. And yes, I just realized the irony.

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