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Shit I plan to buy

May 14, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirtI’m not writing this to prove to you that I still got money halfway through the month. I do it because whenever somebody buys something from by using a link from this site we get some cash so… yeah, I’m cheating the system.

I hope that’s not illegal.

If it is: please buy some shit using our links so we can afford bail.

Here is my shopping basket:

The Boys: We Gotta Go Now v. 4 and The Boys Volume 5: Herogasm

I’m still not head over heels over this but it sure is a fun read! It’s like watching Burn Notice. Actually I have never watched it but judging from the trailers I’ve seen it looks like something you can watch if you have nothing better to do or stuck in a coma and the nurses forgot to switch of the TV in your room.

I have however always been head over heels about this:

The Muppet Show – Season 2 [DVD]

Mmm… Miss Porky.

And then there is this:
The Pro by Amanda Conner

I don’t know why it was #1 in the “recommended for you”-list? But… I’m hitting… ehm… getting that.

And yeah… I have to get this as well:

Make Love!*: *The Bruce Campbell Way
Not just because I’m currently reading his If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and I am a completist.

I have also been told I need an instructions manual.

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