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The Awkward Situation

May 11, 2011

Tonight, we are having a creative evening/belated birthday celebration. Which means we will sit here at the office and write on the pilot script while celebrating Lunki’s birthday that we forgot about last week. Oh hush, you didn’t remember it either.

Yup, it was awkward when we realized we had. I haven’t felt this awkward since I saw Meat Loaf verbally abuse Gary Busey for stealing his crayons on Celebrity Apprentice a couple of weeks ago.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

But it wasn’t nearly as awkward as The Situation roasting Donald Trump on Comedy Central.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

Hmm, all my awkward references lead to Donald Trump? That’s awkward..

But enough about awkwardness. To make Lunki forgive us I’m bringing him a bottle of Grant’s whiskey and Janne the Director has sent Johnny the Intern to get a cake. He wanted one of these:

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  1. May 11, 2011 10:59

    It was a really great night! I just hope that it really was a cake we cut up… It was scary at first when that delivery woman (who should have worn some kind of delivery service uniform) brought the cake and you started cutting away and she was all like “Oh my God what are you doing!”


  2. May 12, 2011 10:59

    Thanks for a great night guys, I loved the cake!

  3. May 14, 2011 10:59


    …I just can’t…

    …forget the way our cake screamed.

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