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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #9: Chopper (2000)

May 11, 2011

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the Director9. Chopper [2000] [DVD]

I’m a HUGE fan of Eric Bana and while I can understand that most people react to that with a ”Huh? Why?” and hit me with a brick – since he is mostly known for Hulk and Troy… movies most of us regard as vomitbags with leaky bottoms (but I love Hulk). But anybody who ever seen Chopper would never react like that.

Any of you old enough to remember when Robert De Niro was considered to be “the greatest actor ever”? If you ask me he have phoned it in (or played dressup) since 1984 and he has been okay in a few movies since then but even then it’s been performances where he could have been replaced by pretty much anybody who can memorize a script. But before that? Then he was as good as Eric Bana is in Chopper. When you see this you will react just like everybody in 1973 who saw De Niro own the silver screen in Mean Streets.

The movie is the unbeliavable true story about Mark “Chopper” Read – an Australian murderer who dreams about becoming famous for his bad deeds. And succeeds. Hell, they even made a movie about him!

I own this on DVD and it contains a very odd special feature: a commentary track by the real Chopper Read. And I must admit that I am too chicken to listen to it because I do not want to hear him comment on some of the gruesome violence in the film with “No, that’s not what happened! What I really did was…”

Even Beethoven had his critics. See if you can name three of them.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: 10. In the Company of Men (1997)


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