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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #11: Turks fruit aka Turkish Delight (1973)

May 9, 2011

janne-anorectic-muppet-megan-fox-band-t-shirtpaul-verhoeven-film-turkish-delight-turks-fruit-rutger-hauer-movie-poster11. Turks fruit (1973) aka Turkish Delight

It takes a guy like Paul Verhoeven to make a love story that suits me.

With an almost Godard-like playfulness he portrays a relationship almost completely without the “sweet stuff”; the first meeting isn’t a “love at first sight”-deal but a bad quickie in a car that ends with the dick getting caught in the zipper, interrupted sex, death in the family, jealousy… Everything we try to block out from what we consider a romantic relationship.

But in the end we don’t love the other despite their flaws but because we get to be a part of them. Hell, even having to look at the partners shit to see if there’s blood in it becomes a sweet moment here.

I have always liked Rutger Hauer but never loved him. Here I do. It feels like he doesn’t CARE that the camera is watching him – he just reacts on his own natural instincts. And this is a movie about carnal instincts and not intellectual reasoning – something we don’t do in real life (not until it is too late). And Rutger is nothing but an animal here.

The characters are not always likable but ALWAYS interesting. I don’t believe in the “you have to like the character”-bullshit that some film critics love to puke out as long as it is interesting.

Some parts just went over my head like; Rutger trying to eat at a restaurant but finds a horse eye in the stew and then gets served a dessert made out of concrete. What was that all about? But I guess it’s like the relationship in the movie: I don’t love this despite it’s flaws but because I got to be a part of it.

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