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We have Beards so we know Movies: A “Fast Five” Review

May 8, 2011

sika banksy t-shirtBefore going into the screening I was sure I was going to have a super manly evening with Janne the Director. Perhaps even the manliest of the year.

The Movie: Fast Five
The Premiss: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker, adrenaline, sweat, fast cars, non-stop action.

How much more manly can it get?

The Result: We didn’t end up manly at all. Instead we giggled like little boys.

Don’t get me wrong, we loved the movie. But not because it was a masterful piece of cinema. No, simply because it was fun. Sure, there were some awkward “dramatic” scenes but when the action starts all over again you forget all about them. And they (the actors) seemed to really enjoy themselves too. And that always receives a gold star in my book.

And also, in a movie franchise about car chases there hasn’t been a single memorable car chase until now. Fast Five delivered TWO of them!

A couple of questions though:

Did they (the filmmakers) really think people would confuse Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson? Sure, they both are clean shaven and look chocolatly delicious but really? Vin The Chunk Diesel and Dwayne The Rock Johnson?? Well I guess they did, because why else would Dwayne Johnson end up wearing an ill-fitting goatee? I usually encourage beards on everyone, but everything has its limit.

And finally I just have to say: I am sooo in love with Jordana Brewster! Janne the Director of course had to blurt out she’s starting to get Margot Kidder lips and ruin my romantic mood.

Anyway.. good, fun movie.. they drive cars fast.. a hint of Ocean’s (insert random number).. go see it.

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  1. Betsy permalink
    May 8, 2011 10:59

    At first glance I mistook Vin Diesel for Bruce Willis. Maybe that would have been a better replacement cause on theese particular pictures “The Rock” looks like he could rock my world and Vin Diesel like he rocks himself to sleep in his grandpa chair every night.

    • May 8, 2011 10:59

      Doesn’t Bruce Willis look like he is sleeping these days? And have a really smug dream that causes him to do a crooked smirk.

      Looking tired is the new black. (For guys only.)

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