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Fast Five Fedofile

May 7, 2011

Me and Janne the Director are going to the movies again. Fast Five or as it’s known in Sweden Fast & Furious Five (FFF for short) will be screened this afternoon at a cinema near us.

But a couple of hours before that, Janne the Director is trying to convince me to attend a screening of “Det kommer aldrig att gå över“; a short film he worked on last summer. His task on the shoot was as assistant director and script supervisor. Other than saying it’s a good movie made by people from our region, his main pitch for getting me to see this movie is:

“If you ever wanted to see a movie with perfect continuity, this is the one to pick”.

It’s NOT the best tagline for a movie I’ve ever heard. It would be like Fast Five would use “There’s cars in this movie. So if you like cars, we have ’em. So see it.”. Instead of “Feel the Speed. Feel the Rush”.

My main reason for maybe going to this short film thing, is that I think the movies young swedish director Amanda Kernell is super cute. And that there’s also a risk in trying to cross Janne the Director. He is calling everyone not attending the screening pedofiles.

..wait a second.. (google searching “how old is amanda kernell”) ..phew..

Yeah, I still think she’s super cute.

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  1. Janne the Director permalink
    May 7, 2011 10:59

    And guess who didn’t show up?!

    That pedophile SIKA!

  2. May 9, 2011 10:59

    There was a second chance to see Det Kommer Aldrig Att Gå Över yesterday but Sika was too busy helping some Catholic priests to ruin their childhood.

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