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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #14: Supervixens (1975)

May 5, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 400014. Supervixens (1975)

Russ Meyer movies… How to explain the greatness of this madman without sounding like a teenager with a stack of porn saying “I’m just reading them for the articles!”?

Most people just know about the title of his Faster Pussycat Kill Kill (but never seen it). Oh, and that there are always a lot of big breasts/huge hooters/great knockers/bouncing boobies/gigantic jugs/magnificent melons in his films. (I added a bunch of synonyms to get more search hits on google and not to make a point.)

This is just so super charming and super fun – but still super violent and super suspenseful. Only Russ Meyer can pull that off. Maybe the Coens could do a homage that would get close to it but it wouldn’t be as super, just be a pale shadow of what Meyer could do with buxom vixens, guns and lots of smiles.

The biggest smile of them all happen to be on Charles Napier (that actually feels like an actor perfect for a Coen brothers film when I think about it) who manages to be the meanest fucking villain ever AND a goofy Wile E. Coyote at the same time (the way he stomps the girl in the bathtub made me look away – then rewind and look again).

Fun editing, fun acting, fun pacing, fun suspense… It’s super fun!

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