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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #15: Cruising (1980)

May 4, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 400015. Cruising [DVD] (1980)

Okay, the set-up for this sounds tacky as hell: Al Pacino as a cop who has to go undercover to find a killer in… (drumroll) …the gay community.

There are way too many things that can go wrong with that premise to list them. So I won’t – I’m sure you all got that list made up already when you first heard of it – like I did. And a list of great things?

Well, besides Al Pacino dancing all seizure-like at gay clubs there are too many great things to list here as well… Okay, a short list then:

  • It is always great to see films featuring Al Pacino from back in the days when he still cared about acting and not wear his acting on his sleeve.
  • It’s also great to see Paul Sorvino before he started singing goth rock.
  • William Friedkin making 70’s Americana (I hate that term) before the 80’s wore a yellow scarf in the left back pocket*.
  • Freeze frame worthy inserts of hardcore gay porn during a stabbing scene.
  • Hell, to see a movie where a man says “Don’t worry Dorothy, there’s nobody around” in an attempt to pick up Pacino is a great treat…
  • Karen Allen is hot even though she got thinner lips than the Crypt Keeper.

To sum it up: this could be the greatest Al Pacino film Brian De Palma never directed.
the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
*Apparently you like to pee on people in the gay community if you wear a yellow scarf in your left back pocket. Right pocket if you like to sing in the rain. Powers Boothe told me so.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: 16. Tokyo Fist (1995)

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