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The Super Secret “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” Picture

April 29, 2011

Janne the Director came to the office real smug today. He usually does, but this time he had a reason.

It turned out he had come across a picture from the “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movie. He actually has quite a few contacts in the Swedish Film Industry, sadly not with anyone who could help us get ahead.

I desperately wanted to see it. I needed to. Maybe I could put it up here on the blog and get a lot of visitors. Or maybe I could keep it for myself.

He said no. “It was a secret picture and revealing it would spoil some of the plot”.

I didn’t care. I craved it and even tried bribing him with liquor and hookers. Fine, I don’t know any ladies of the evening and he quickly called me on it; and continued to refuse showing it to me.

Then he hinted that the picture was of someone from the male cast. And everything changed.

Since it wasn’t the Rooney Mara body piercing pictures I hoped it would be, my interest rapidly died.

Probably it’s just a picture of Daniel Craig with his back turned away from the camera or even more plausible; that Swedish news reporter nobody ever heard of but who was cast in a ten-second scene. Lucky bastard.

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