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The British Royal Wedding Memorial Plates

April 29, 2011

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the Director

The first plate was made by Woolsworth back in 2006 when they anticipated the marriage between Prince William and Kate somethington. It has become somewhat of a collector’s item.

The second plate is designed by me, anticipating a long time coming event.

And when that plate hits the streets; Kaaaa-ching!!

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  1. April 29, 2011 10:59

    Hilarious. I thought Queen Elizabeth II died in 1988 when Reggie Jackson shot her in front of Frank Drebin at a California Angels game.

    • Janne the Director permalink
      April 29, 2011 10:59

      It turned out that Reggie Jackson didn’t do it. Apparently the glove didn’t fit.

      No wait… that was somebody else in the Naked Gun-cast.

  2. May 1, 2011 10:59

    Love it, can you bring some to the office, we are out of plates (clean ones).

  3. Janne the Director permalink
    May 1, 2011 10:59

    Sure, I could fix that… but I think a fair warning is in place here: Eating from the plates might give the food a taste of… Chinese toys. Yeah, they are made out of lead.

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