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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #25: Seed of Chucky (2004)

April 25, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirt25. Seed of Chucky [DVD] (2004)

Yes! The 4th or 5th movie in the franchise (who the hell counts?) is the best! And it’s also that 2nd John Waters movie I promised! Okay, he didn’t direct this but in a minor B-plot he is in it as a perverted take on a paparazzi that feels like it could have been a John Waters short film!

The first movie, Child’s Play, was scary and great but the sequels with numbers in their titles wasn’t scary or good at all. They just had some nice puppet work and if I want that I’ll rather watch movies with the plastic muppet that replaced Michelle Pfeiffer in movies ever since Jack Nicholson ate her face in Wolf.

And I guess the filmmakers got tired of the franchise too when they in 1998 made Bride of Chucky. It’s a weird take on classic movie monsters and quite bizarre; filled with muppet sex and more movie references than a Scream film. But the movie was just… okay. Funny but not great. But then…

Then the filmmakers just said: “Fuck it.”

In Seed of Chucky they go all in and steal some of the great things from Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (#67 in this list) and break the 4th wall like it was… in their way or something.

Here we follow the annoying Jennifer Tilly playing herself; the annoying Jennifer Tilly. She voices the doll of Tiffany, the bride of Chucky herself in the Child’s Play movie within the Child’s Play movie about Chucky. She is really outdoing John Malkovich here as she pulls no punches against herself, making fun of everything we hate about her as an actress. We even get to see her try to give Redman (also playing himself) sex for a part in a movie he is about to direct (!?)… about the virgin Mary. And now the dolls wanna meet the star and do bad bad things to her. Like pump her full of doll semen.

Oh, and they have a kid too, the neglected and gender confused son/daughter named Glen or Glenda (Hello Ed Wood-gag!) who doesn’t have any sex – just like a… well, just like a doll. He also thinks he is Japanese because of the Made in Japan stamp he got on his wrist. He/she is played by the forgotten but funny Hobbit Billy Boyd (the Hobbit that didn’t knock up Kate from Lost).

What else can I tempt you with…

I really can’t understand that there aren’t enough people in the world who have seen a movie where they kill Britney Spears? My theory is that most people failed to count the sequels when it doesn’t have a number in the title and mix this up with Bride of Chucky. So to make it perfectly clear: This is Child’s Play 5: The Seed of Chucky.

Or is it Child’s Play V: The Seed of ChVcky? Or CP5: tSoc? Or just SoC? Or… kill me.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: 26. The Innocents (1961)

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