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The Life of Cleese

April 20, 2011

I just experienced one of the greatest moments of my life; watching John Cleese up on stage performing his A Ludicrous Evening with John Cleese… or How to Finance Your Divorce. He actually gave a third option for the show’s name in the first minutes of the show: Feeding the Beast.

The show was great. I am however such a big fan I would have been happy with the ex-Python just getting on stage and standing there silent for two hours. But instead of doing that he took us on a wonderful journey, lecturing us on the Life of Cleese, from his relationship with his mother to the early BBC shows with the two Ronnies, through the Python and Fawlty Towers years, up to A Fish Called Wanda.


The show made me laugh for two straight hours, even the quite sentimental part concerning the death of co-writer Graham Chapman was quite amusing.

There were two kinds of working days with Graham. One where I did eighty percent of the writing. And other’s when he did five percent of the writing.

Best moment: John Cleese talking about his mother.

Worst moment: Just before the show started, a couple in their sixties sat down next to me and the first thing the woman said was: “This man has never made me laugh before, let’s see if he will succeed tonight”. He didn’t. Right after John Cleese showed the Fish Slapping Sketch everybody in the audience laughed and cheered except for her; instead she said: “What’s so funny about that?”

I think she might be going to hell.

Ordinarilly, I hate parties wherein people insist on showing me funny clips on youtube, but when it’s John Clesese who is showing them, I couldn’t be happier.

(I hope you all like the paparazzi pictures below, because I wasn’t alone watching the show, I was joined by such Swedish celebrities as:)

Niklas Strömstedt

Stefan Sauk!

Stefan Sauk på Cirkus tittar på John Cleese live 2011

Robert Broberg!

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