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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #37: High-Kick Girl! (2009)

April 15, 2011

37. High-Kick Girl! (2009)

Original title: Hai kikku gâru! (or ハイキック・ガール!)

This movie has my all time favorite trailer so my sales pitch is simple: watch the trailer below. Not only is it funny in itself – it captures the mood and style of the film without spoiling anything about the plot.

Take lessons from that, Hollywood!

I’d say this is the Karate Kid of this millennium that isn’t a remake with a Will Smith offspring learning… Kung Fu. In fact: it’s completely original and it takes Karate really serious – the moral of the story is the heart of Karate. I love the original Karate Kid BUT I think this does a better job when it comes to offering solutions about bullying. I mean, in the long run: how does it really help that Mr. Miyagi helps the bullied kid to fight back? The approach this film takes is different; here the Karate instructor takes the BULLY under his wings to show him the right path. And by “him” I mean: a high-kicking girl.

There is no blood in the film but it features real hits so be warned – it HURTS to watch this. I even sometimes wished that there was blood so they could cover up all those bruises that I don’t think was done with makeup… *Shivers* Oh, and if you missed the impact of a kick to the face? Don’t’ worry, you will get an instant replay in slow motion. And there is a LOT of fighting in this, I’d guess 75% of the movie is fight scenes!

Another thing that is cool is how it is shot. There are no fancy Dutch angles or MTV cutting (I know that “MTV cutting” these days is cutting to Snooki yelling about something into the camera) so I mean the 80’s meaning of the word. It’s simply shot straight on so you wont miss a beat/beating.

Okay, I could rant all day about this but REALLY: all you need to be hooked is in the trailer:

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