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Three Ways to Cure a Cold

April 12, 2011

Lunki in a Chucky doll T-shirtI’ve been at home with a cold since last Wednesday.

I usually don’t get sick that often but this one is a particularly mean cold. The stuff they sell at the pharmacy doesn’t bite on it, so instead I’ve tried some much more effective and fun ways to get well.

1. Make spicy tacos. The trick is to not use the readymade taco blends, but to make your own. When frying the minced meat throw in a lot of fresh chili, lot of garlic, unions, soya, some tomato purée and red pepper. Eat and sweat out the cold.

2. Home made tea rocks. Boil ginger and add lemon and honey. Breathe in the steam then drink it. Really opens up!

3. A classic way to cure a cold is to have a whiskey. I have tried it and I don’t think it works. At least not until I realized that I did not drink enough. You have to get drunk for it to work and that means it don’t have to be whiskey. You can just as easily use wine, beer or vodka. After having enough of your chosen beverage the cold actually feels better. It’s hard to say if it actually does anything for the healing process, but it sure makes it more fun.

Good luck with your cold!

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