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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #54: The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

April 8, 2011

janne the director from lunki and sika wearing a The Shield logo t-shirtthe-curse-of-the-cat-people-cover-194454. The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

This low budget sequel has often been accused of not having much in common with the low budget original Cat People (1942). Sure, this is a ghost story and it deals with a new kind of conflict – this time the story focuses on a kid who can’t separate fantasy from reality instead of a woman who thinks she’ll turn into a cat if she gets laid.

But it wouldn’t be the same without the first movie. It’s a rather original take on the original and ghost stories overall. What it takes from the first is the less supernatural elements and tweaks it into Don Quijote/Peter Pan-territory by having the little girl’s fantasies become real threats.

This is seriously a great story but I kinda wish the screenplay got re-written a few times. The expositions and lines is a bit too much on the nose… How about a remake, Hollywood? I could see this in the hands of either Spielberg, Cronenberg or Haneke (it could be adapted into any of these guys trademarked kind of film making, actually). Hell, give it to me.

Despite the bad dialogs the directing it’s pretty great, the actors are overall good and the familiar faces from Cat People are a welcome sight.

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  1. April 8, 2011 10:59

    Ah, the wonderful work of Val Lewton. I definitely agree- despite the misleading title, it’s still a very good (and different from the first ‘Cat People’) movie. I wonder if he wasn’t pressured to give it the “Cat People” name by the Hollywood studio just to make it more marketable.

    • Janne the Director permalink
      April 8, 2011 10:59

      Might be the case! I on the other side LIKE that they are different but shares themes. I’m so sick and tired of sequels that is “honoring” the first film by copying it. “Make Indy say ‘Why did it have to be snakes?’… Have Bruce Willis say Yippie kay yay mother f-*BLAM BLAM*!’… Let have the guys from Hangover comeback and forget everything during a night of drinking, make Bradley Cooper phone home and try to explain how crazy everything is, let Ed Helms have something done to his face and remind people that we had that Mike Tyson in the first one – just so they don’t forget that they are watching a brand new Hangover film!”

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