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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #57: Up in Smoke (1978)

April 7, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirt57. Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke [DVD] (1978)

This isn’t actually a “rare” movies list – I should point that out now and then. But “Janne the Director’s Top 100 List of movies that not enough people have seen – at least not among his friends” would be a too long a title. That’s why we now keep it so short and lean.

I believe many have seen Up in Smoke – but most of my friends think Cheech Marin is Robert Rodriguez buddy who played the fat guy’s dad on Lost; and Tommy Chong‘s first gig was as hippie on That 70’s Show.

They were the original Jay & Silent Bob (but none of them are silent), the original Spicoli (times two!) and… and… Uhm… Damn. I ran out of stoner comedy acts I actually like. Well they were the best at it anyway.

I also have a weak spot for buddy movies and a buddy movie with Cheech & Chong driving a van made out of weed while being chased by none other than Stacy Keach is hard to beat. Not even Cheech & Chong managed with their later movies so follow my recommendation and watch this and watch it again if you feel the need for more. Don’t let this be the gateway movie to bad sequels.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: 58. Madhouse (1974)

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