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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #58: Madhouse (1974)

April 6, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirt58. Madhouse (1974)

The premake of the very underrated Psycho II. Hm? What a “premake” is? It’s when a movie feels like a remake but it’s actually done before the original. Or the “not-so-original”.

Anyways. We have Vincent Price, the then gracefully aging horror star, who plays a not so gracefully aging horror star Paul Toombs – mostly known for his character Dr Death. After a breakdown and a bunch of years in a mental institution (a madhouse!) he is now trying a “Spinal Tap”-esque comeback with a new horror movie about Dr. Death. But being over the hill the producers wants younger talents to take over the franchise…

Sidenote: Have that EVER worked, younger characters filling the shoes of iconic film characters? I’m not talking about recasting a character but creating spin offs like… Son of the Pink Panther. Did anybody watch James Bond Jr? How about Indiana Jones? Would you see a “Mutt Jones and the Quest for Pubes”?

Back to the Madhouse. On the set of the new Dr. Death movie people starts dying like it was an Agatha Christie-slasher and even Vincent Price himself starts questioning his own sanity.

Another sidenote: Why didn’t Dr. Death become a franchise? People like to dress up as him, Rob Zombie even featured a version of him in Halloween 2 (also VERY underrated).

Yeah, yeah – go watch it already.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: 59. The Baby Carriage (1963)


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