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The Håkan Hellström Chaos

April 3, 2011

lunki with a säkert t-shirtThe indoor music festival Umeå Open has come to an end. It was great besides one minor glitch. I did not get to see the headliner, Håkan Hellström. He was one of the main reasons I bought the ticket in the first place.

The festival was sold out and the venue where Håkan played could not fit all the people who wanted to get in.

The local press reported on the chaos when fans was turned away at the door; and people fainting and crying outside the concert hall.

And for you that might have heard rumors going around about me, I just want to clarify that I was not a part of neither the crying nor the fainting. I took it like a man, got drunk at the nearest bar and fell asleep on my couch after eating half a pizza.

See you next year Umeå Open!

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  1. Sven permalink
    April 3, 2011 10:59

    I really think this is one of the better Umeå Open Festivals I’ve been to. A lot of homecomers as well! 🙂

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