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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #77: Small Faces (1996)

April 1, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirt77. Small Faces (1996)

I saw this three times when it hit the cinema in Sweden. For some reason a movie about Glasgow gang wars in the 60’s – the Glen gang Vs. the Tongs – hit the right cords with me.

This was to me back then what Twilight is for… whoever watches Twilight is, today. By the way, I am team Glen.

It got a great cast with then unknowns like Kevin McKidd, who is still somewhat of an unknown. He was in HBO’s Rome and is currently NOT in Grey’s Anatomy (because in my world that show doesn’t exist so therefore he isn’t in it!).

Then there is Laura Fraser. Oh Laura… I had a huge crush on her until I found out she was dating Paul Bettany. Since then I can’t avoid imagining her with a Billy Idol lookalike stuck to her face. I have the same problem now with Jennifer Connelly.

“Glens you bastards!”

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