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Janne the Director’s Favorite Rare Movies Top 100 List #82: The Most Dangerous Game (1932)

March 31, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 40001932 movie The most dangerous game starring Fay Wray, Joel McCrea and Robert Armstrong-poster82. The Most Dangerous Game [DVD] (1932)

You know what’s great about the 1933 version of King Kong?

Yeah, everything. And Fay Wray in a blonde wig.

This is the movie they shot at the same time as King Kong – Fay Wray in a blonde wig by day and Fay Wray in her dark hair by night.

Sure, some scenes (well, all the talking scenes) are boring and shot like they were forced to include them but the rest… the hunt through the jungle and the King Kong sets… are all fantastic. German expressionism galore.

The story about humans being hunted for fun has been remade a bunch of times and here is my Top 3 The Most Dangerous Game Remakes:

Surviving the game from 1994 starring ice-t, Rutger Hauer and Gary Busey3. Surviving the Game (1994)

Ice-T is being hunted for fun by Rutger Hauer, Gary Busey and F. Murray Abraham.

Turkey Shoot movie from 1982 starring Olivia Hussey2. Turkey Shoot (1982)

In the future Olivia Hussey and Steve Railsback is hunted for fun by people who have read Stephen King’s Running Man.

Hard Target poster from 1993 starring Jean Claude Van Damme1. Hard Target (1993)

Yes, the one with  Jean-Claude Van Damme in a mullet being hunted for fun by Lance Henriksen. The director’s cut of this is an amazing piece of slow motion art. I have friends that made the mistake of having a drinking game while watching this where they had to drink every time there was slow motion. They ran out of things to drink during the opening credits.

PREVIOUS ON THE LIST: #83: The Swimmer (1968)


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