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Peeping Sika

March 29, 2011

sika with a charlie sheen winning t-shirt standing in front of the Swedish flagOn my way home yesterday I passed a window where I saw a man sitting in front of his computer. As I had passed I needed to stop.

Did he? No, he couldn’t have..

To make sure, I went back and passed the window again. This time I wasn’t so sure anymore. He could just be laughing at some news coverage from a Brazilian festival or something.

And even though I passed numerous times I never got sure. At one time I even thought he was watching the toga scene from Animal House while rubbing ointment on his leg.

Oh, did I mention he was old. Yeah, I’ve seen him before. He’s one of those Cocoon-people leaning on their walkers while looking up at the sky that I see on my early morning walks.

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