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Hollywood Amnesia: Miss Marple

March 29, 2011

sika with a charlie sheen winning t-shirt standing in front of the Swedish flagAs you know, I have a problem with remakes and reboots. I have written numerous articles* about it and I’m calling the phenomenon Hollywood Amnesia. But is Hollywood listening to my critique? No.

Well, I guess if they suffer from amnesia it might be hard to remember, but anyway.. Next up for a reboot is apparently: Miss Marple.

Author Agatha Christie is synonymous with whodunit detective stories and her character Miss Marple is the most iconic character of them all. The old tea sipping lady with a wicked “I know what you did”-glint in her eye, solves crimes thanks to experiences from her long long life.

So of course Jennifer Garner was born to play the part. Wait, what??

Dame-Margaret-Rutherford-As-Miss-Marple-agatha-christie-and-jennifer-garner playing the role too

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  1. Janne the Director permalink
    March 29, 2011 10:59

    That is the worst celebrity lookalike picture so far, Sika.

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