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My Hometown Khadaffi

March 28, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirtSure, he might not have weapons of mass destruction but he has other Khadaffi qualitites.

Lennart Holmlund, the big wig in local politics here in Umeå is known for producing memorable quotes. But he is too unknown nationally and globally to make it into those famous quotes books you give away as presents and even if he was; his quotes would only make it into the “Famous bad/weird/No he didn’t!/stupid quote books.

A couple of years ago he was quoted saying:

“I wish I could lock up all vegans and throw away the key.”

Umeå kommunalråd Lennart Holmlund som Khadaffi Moammar GadaffiAnd a couple of weeks ago he was talking about the rumors that Håkan Juholt was going to be announced as the new head leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the same party Mr. Holmlund has led to local victory here in Umeå the past two decades. He was quoted saying:

“If that’s the case I will resign!”

Yesterday Håkan Juholt officially took the job. And people cheered.

Now if they cheered for Juholt or for the fact that Lennart Holmlund not only is famous for his quotes but also for keeping his word is uncertain. Right after his “resignation promise” someone created an event on Facebook; Moving assistance for Holmlund!

Today at noon they will gather outside the town hall with moving boxes. At the moment there are 165 people attending the event. And perhaps that’s perfect, I mean there are two decades of shit to move.

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