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TMI of the Day

March 24, 2011

sika with a charlie sheen winning t-shirt standing in front of the Swedish flagTo be honest with you, ever since my prostate problem a couple of months ago I have experienced some weird stuff. The doctors I’ve gone to are all amazed of what I’m suddenly capable of. I can, how should I put it; release air through my pee-pee.

It’s not all the time, but once in a while it happens after I pee.

Lunki calls it “farting with my penis” but I think that phrasing is a bit vulgar. So is Janne the Director’s “Cock-a-doodle-queef” suggestion.

Whatever you call it, I am treated like I’m a medical marvel and even though I still suffer from my prostate thingy and desperately want another cycle of penicillin all they want to do is find out where the air is coming from. To be frank, I kind of like the attention, up until today that is.

I’ve just had a camera shoved up my urethra.

How was it you ask? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. I’d actually rather put on the “Not only weird looking, now also weird sounding” t-shirt Lunki made me, than endure that camera again. And did they find anything? No. And it wasn’t even in HD. Maybe that’s the reason. But the search inside the medical marvel continues. Next up: X-Rays.

Now I have to go unplug Janne the Director’s Internet cable. He keeps playing this clip because he believes my pee-pee looks and sounds like Beaker from the Muppets.

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  1. Sven permalink
    March 28, 2011 10:59

    hehe. you should videotape the marvel

    • Sika permalink*
      March 28, 2011 10:59

      I actually asked if I could keep the tape from the “internal search”, but that was apparently out of the question. Doctors.. hmpfh..

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