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Morning has Broken

March 22, 2011

sika banksy t-shirtIt’s a weird feeling getting up before 5am. I rarely do but now I have three days in a row. I get up and go to the office and realize the only people I meet are old people out wandering enjoying the morning sun. Some of them just stand there leaning on their walkers staring up at the sky. Like Cocoon.

That’s alarming. But I can’t help it. It’s that time of year when I feel an urge to get up at that time; start the day and achieve magnificent things. I say it’s an urge; actually I can’t help it. I get awaken by the sun shining through my bedroom window making it impossible to go back to sleep. And no, crying doesn’t help.

Note to self. I need to buy drapes. Before I turn into grandma.

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