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V vs V

March 17, 2011

janne-the director with the incredible-hulk t-shirtThe remake of V hit it’s second season finale and I pray to God that it also will be the series finale. Such a shitty show. It’s like peeing blood.

It never leaves its status quo and they are never in any real harm. Hell, the characters bitch about their jobs and goes on family picnics more than they have actual problems with that… alien attack-thingy.

And that hot prostitute from Firefly got a new master-plan every episode that never have that human feeling of LOGIC to it.

animated cartoon marc-singer from the original V series

What we liked about the original V:

1. Lizards eating rats.
2. B-action with laserguns.
3. Underground rebels that actually kick lizardass.
4. Michael Ironside.
5. No bullshit about the human soul and no fucking “bliss”.

What we got in the remake:

1. No fucking lizards.
2. B-action with no action and no laserguns.
3. Underground rebellion that is all talk and is just a bunch of losers hanging out in a basement (an attempt to make their target audience feel better about themselves?).
4. No Michael Ironside. Instead we got that twat from “Party of Five”.
5. Bullshit about the human soul and fucking “bliss”.

It also has the most annoying character of all time; the son of sleepy woman from Lost. If somebody tells him “don’t eat glue” he will eat glue while crying about how nobody understands him.

If you wanna see how it (hopefully) ends or just see Marc Singers cameo you can just skip to the second to last episode. You wont miss a single thing plot-wise, I promise. Even though they end every episode with “This will change everything!”

No more “Victory”. Nowadays I think V stands for “VD in the eyeballs”.

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