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Cryer in the Corner

March 9, 2011

sika tintinNo more Two and a half Men.

I’ve only seen a few episodes and the show’s greatness has always been a mystery to me. Sure, I like Charlie Sheen. And after enduring those episodes I still liked him. I guess it’s because he has done some great stuff in the past; Platoon, Young Guns, Major League. I even enjoyed Men at Work.

I think the mystery lies in who watches that show to make it the most watched on television. I suspect it is the same people who made Jim Belushi a television star and the Twilight movies a success. But maybe it’s just a john_stamos-rob_lowe-2011-rumored for two and a half men as replacement for charlie sheenconspiracy created by Warner Bros and the Nielsen ratings people.

No one really knows.

In an effort to keep the show going, John Stamos was rumored to take over for Charlie Sheen but commented this by tweeting: “contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and half Men. However, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son.”

There are now talks about bringing in Rob Lowe. It’s a great idea, but we all know what’s best. Let it die. Like Jon Cryer‘s future career.


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