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Janne Goes Postal

February 25, 2011

Janne the Director with a Space Mahoney t-shirt from the movie No Law 4000Back in the days we had a real post office where you sent packages and bought stamps and shit like that. Now their services still exist – but they have been relocated to the closest supermarket.

I have ordered a new computer (I was told that the cave paintings on them was a hint that I needed an update) and I got a letter from the post office today!

“Hi, Janne! We have received your package! Come and get it at the supermarket.”

Great! And damn. You see, to me, the closest supermarket is 3 metric* miles away.

3 metric miles later, the old lady at the supermarket told me: “We haven’t received your package.”

The old lady, with blood on her apron just shrugged when I showed her the letter stating my package was there. It was a sad sight of a lost era where you went to the post office and was served by post office employees and not some depressed supermarket employee who had to leave her meat-packing station to help me. And behind her was a bleak green lit sign saying “Pharmacy” and the only products available was painkillers, nicotine gum and cigarettes.

*Yes: METRIC miles. Please update yourself if you are using any other system – you need it more than I need a new computer.

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