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Thank’s For Everything Jack Bauer

February 23, 2011

Lunki wearing a chucky t-shirtSika was mentioning withdrawals earlier. A week ago I had a really bad one. I saw the very last episode of 24. I know it’s ages since it aired but I’ve been saving it so the end of my relationship with Jack Bauer wouldn’t feel so kiefer-sutherland-cartoon-animated-jack bauer 24definite.

But I couldn’t save it any longer. Now it is over.

I tried to fill the Jack Bauer void with season four of Dexter.It gave some comfort but it doesn’t come to close to filling it. I even tried to overlook the cliché packed scripts and the corny directing. It took four episodes and now it’s kind of all right. But just kind of.

I miss you Jack Bauer. No one can take your place. Thanks for everything.

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