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Because he’s Banksy

February 22, 2011

sika in a banksy t-shirtAs you know, the 83rd Academy Awards is days away and suddenly the Best Documentary category has became one of the most interesting.

The super secretive British street artist Banksy has been denied a request to be masked at the upcoming event where he is nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category.

I think it sounds so weird. He actually sent a request to the Academy? I mean, he’s Banksy. It’s not like he asks permission when spreading his art on walls all over the world. Why not? Well, because he’s Banksy.banksy_laugh_now_but_one_day_we_will_be_in_charge_monkey

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see how he handles the situation when his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop is announced the winner. Will he enter the stage himself, masked and ignoring the Academy? Or will he do a “Brando” and send a representative? I just know something is going to happen.

It could be the TV moment of the year. Why? Because he’s Banksy.

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