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New Adventures of The Pooper Scooper

February 11, 2011
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sika with a superman t-shirtAll-In Pete asked me if I could house sit for him until Sunday. I said yes. As you know being a house sitter in this case also means watching a dog. Actually, I don’t know if you could call him a dog anymore. He has grown big as a calf and is not aware of  his size. Last time he managed to push me off the couch. Apparently I was in “his spot”.

I just gave the dog a super hero name, well a sidekick name anyway. As I have written before, every time I watch this dog I go under my alias The Pooper Scooper. And it’s time I got myself a sidekick.

I first thought I’d name him The Pee Licker since his radar for other dog’s apparently delicious pee in the snow is uncanny. But it sounded over the top so I named him Yellow Snow instead.

It’s more mysterious and it has kind of an Old Yeller ring to it. And he’s kind of yellow, well orange anyway and loves licking pee in the snow. A perfect superhero sidekick name.

Now all we need is some mystery to solve. Since he seems to be an expert maybe we’ll start with “the case of the pee stained floor”..

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