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His Revolution vs My Penis Pains

February 4, 2011

the animated comedy blog and webseries lunki and sika-sika wearing a top gun t-shirt after watching top gun for the first time since 1986As you know, I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection a couple of weeks ago. My Tunisian brother-in-law who still lives in Tunisia is constantly asking about my progress and is really worried about me.

It reminds me of an old Swedish sketch with comedy duo Hasse and Tage where they try to top each other’s miseries.

In this case the sketch would go:

Him: We just had the start of a revolution here in Tunisia. People have been killed, beat up and sent to jail. There are looting and destruction of stores and government houses. Even residential houses have been targeted and blown up by people tampering with gas lines and matches. We have been guarding our houses every night and all the food stores have been closed. No cigarettes, no water, no nothing.

Me: My penis hurts sometimes and I have trouble peeing.

Him: Oh man, are you all right??

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