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The Shoo In turned Shoo Out

January 21, 2011

sika tintinWhen I watched Inception last year I was so sure it was a shoo in for the Best Picture Oscar in the upcoming gala event. But since then I’ve seen a bunch of movies which in my book surpasses it in the title race. The Fighter, The Social Network, The King’s Speech and True Grit. Even 127 hours made an enourmous impact on me.

If he think he’s a shoo in too, I’m afraid Christopher Nolan will look as surprised as Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks did when Carlos beat The Pacific for Best Mini-Series Drama at the Golden Globes.

I can’t wait for the Oscar nominations to be announced so I can start making my predictions.

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  1. January 23, 2011 10:59

    Sorry, but you had to wait the longest time. But here it is: The last and final shortlist profile of the 2010 transatlantic diablog award. Your profile. Do you want to know which of your posts is nominated? The winner will be announced in the coming week…–-shortlist-profile-5-lunki-and-sika/

  2. January 25, 2011 10:59

    The 2010 transatlantic diablog award is in the final round. The latest information and the precise date when the winner will be announced here:–-you-win-too/

    And: You can win, too. Say why one of the five shortlisted blogs should win and maybe you get a special prize… (Janne the Director already is in the draw)

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