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Let Me In [2010] vs Let the Right One In [2008]

January 20, 2011

sika with a lost boys t-shirt likes the remake let me in better than the let the right one in original.Since I been sick I have been watching a lot of movies. Last night I saw Let me in (2010), the remake of Swedish original vampire movie Let the Right One In/Låt den rätte komma in from 2008.

I feel so unpatriotic. And with the risk of being deported to Lapland, I must confess I liked the remake better than the original. It had everything the original had; great acting (Chloe “Hit-Girl from Kick-Ass” Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee from The Road), suspense, beautiful imagery and loads of snow. But it also took out some stuff and added some in a way I really liked. AND it was scarier.

let-me-in-2010-movie-poster-bloody chloe moretz angel-poseSure, you may say it didn’t have the magic of Swedish actor Per Ragnar as the old man but when you cast Richard Jenkins in a movie you never go wrong. That guy could play Jaws. Go rent this one and all the rest he’s done.

And finally, I’m peeing better now. Thanks for caring.

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Let Me In [2010] vs Let the Right One In [2008]

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