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The TR2N Conversation

January 5, 2011

sika tintinI guess you are all waiting for a TRON: Legacy review since I wrote about how Janne the Director invited me to see it with him.

But you see, it turned out he reneged on his invitation.

Apparantly not because I wrote about my lack of interest after seeing the first one, instead it apparantly had everything to do with a conversation we had on the day of the movie date.

This is how it sounded.




[Janne the Director answers the phone.]

Him: Hello?

Me: So Tron: Legacy? Really?

Him: TRON!!!!

Me: Not Narnia then?

Him: I watched twenty minutes of the first one and almost clawed my eyes out.

Me: Tron…

Him: If you wanna seem cool you should write it TR2N!

Me: Oh I see. So it’s like when I call myself a Grobanite?

[ Janne the Director hangs up the phone.]


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