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My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2010

December 20, 2010

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the DirectorA new year is approaching and I guess we have to start making lists that is only valid for one person – the writer of the list.

So here are my top 10 favorite movies released in 2010:

10. Sebbe
A Swedish feel bad shaky cam suburb drama that sneaked it’s way up in my list somehow. Since nobody here is interested in such things I move on…

Eli Roth presents the last exorcism

9. The Last Exorcism
A fake documentary horror movie that sneaked it’s way on my list somehow. How the hell..? That genre is fucking dead and should stay dead! But this is one scary movie with clever set ups and is everything that nanny cam movie Paranormal Activity wasn’t (actually scary). The ending is kind of weak but that’s just the last minute so you will survive watching it anyway. Or… will you?!

Matt Damon Green Zone movie poster8. Green Zone
Paul Greengrass is the Michael Moore of Michael Bay movies. Politics and explosions but with a shakier camera than a Shakira colonoscopy. I have a weak spot for movies that pisses me off and then blows shit up.

The A-Team movie poster 20107. The A-Team
This made me happy and blew shit up. Maybe I just like watching shit blow up? This is also the biggest surprise of 2010. Movies about men facing danger while screaming “wohoo!” are totally a forgotten art form these days.

toy-story-3D-movie-poster6. Toy Story 3
This made me feel bad for blowing up my toys as a kid while screaming “wohoo”. It’s the Shindler’s List for toys.

rubber horror movie poster5. Rubber
A movie about a rubber tire waking up in the desert and starts killing people didn’t sneak into my list. It belongs there. It’s also the most meta film of the year. I had to turn around to make sure I didn’t have a camera on me while watching.

kick-ass-movie-poster4. Kick-Ass
The title says it all but after a few re-watches I have grown a bit tired of the high school film aspects (but my love for Nicolas Cage screaming “Now switch… to kryptoniiiiiiite!” has grown).

leonardo dicaprio inception-movie-poster3. Inception
It’s just as awesome as it’s… overrated. It’s hailed for being clever but I fail to see why this is clever? It might be slightly more complicated than a Sesame Street song but only if you’re busy tweeting while watching. And being complicated isn’t that damn hard. Example: “A bug is an orange and pigs tastes like autumn.” That was complicated and made no sense at all (I think, not sure… I was tweeting while I wrote it.). It’s hard to do something awesome though.

mikael-persbrandt-in-susanne biers hämnden-haevnen-in-a-better-world-movie2. Hævnen aka In a better world
The world need to know there is other Danish directors than Lars von Trier. Susanne Bier is just as morally complex but doesn’t try to fuck you up at the same time.

1.the-social-network-movie-poster The Social Network
It’s so good somebody should make a movie about it. Hell, if you can make a great movie about facebook you can make a movie about a movie about facebook. Add some explosions and a rubber tire on a killing spree and it will be the best thing ever.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika
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