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Rage Against The Rude Machine

November 15, 2010

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika - lunki in a white lion t-shirtYesterday I went for my first work out at my new gym.

It started out great. I went on the treadmill and chose the “fat burner program”. I started treading and soon enough the machine charmed my ego by saying I did a great job.

The next thing I know the machine asks me to put my hands on the bars to check my pulse. But when I did, the machine almost stopped. It was moving so slow that a senior with a walker would have walked right past me.

Obviously the machine thought my pulse was so high that it had to “save me” or something. I was really offended. How bad shape does this machine think I’m in?

Note in training diary: No more treadmills. Especially not that rude one.

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