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My Stevie Wonder Moment

October 25, 2010

the animated comedy blog and webseries lunki and sika-sika wearing a top gun t-shirt after watching top gun for the first time since 1986I worked late last night and when I locked up someone had turned out the lights in the corridor. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. But since I was standing in the same corridor I’ve walked through every day for the last couple of years I thought it wouldn’t be a problem.

The corridor is completely empty apart from an office chair on wheels standing by the right wall.  To the right at the end of the corridor is the exit. In retrospect, I got too cocky.

I tripped on the chair twice. The first time I kicked it so it rolled into a new position where I then of course kicked it again. At the end of the corridor I hit the back wall. I have so many great qualities, but making it as a blind man is not one of them.

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