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The Johnny Depp Surprise

October 11, 2010

Sika from the animated comedy blog Lunki and Sika in a tan and a Sika t-shirtNine year old Beatrice Delap got a big surprise last wednesday, Johnny Depp came to her rescue dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. She had written a letter to the actor and asked for his help; “We are a bunch of budding young pirates and we were having a bit of trouble mutiny-ing against the teachers, and we’d love if you could come and help.”

And that he did. Depp happened to be in her hometown of London filming “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”, so he gave the school 10 minutes notice on Wednesday that he and his crew were on their way. The school called an assembly and Captain Jack Sparrow walked in, drawing gasps from stunned students. Depp summoned Delap up to the front of the assembly, hugged her, and told her that rebellion wasn’t the best course of action.

This gave me a brilliant idea. We here at the Lunki and Sika office should do the same thing! Write to a celebrity and ask them to come and do something with us.

Hey, I just remembered, Daniel Craig is in Sweden shooting a remake of Män som hatar kvinnor. It would be amazing to have 007 as a guest star in an episode!!

And I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the letter look like a nine year old wrote it. Where the hell is Johnny the Intern? He has work to do.

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