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Top Ten Kids Movies to Make Grown Men Cry

October 5, 2010

The Director of the Animated Comedy Series Lunki and Sika Janne the Director lists ten kids movies to make grown drunk men crySika posted a list with ten songs that makes grown men cry. I was inspired and listed my Top 10 kids movies to make grown men cry.

1. E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial
I dare you to hold your tears back when you see that damn plant die (and “plant” isn’t code for “the innocence of Drew Barrymore’s youth”).

2. Chaplin’s The Kid
The scene where the authorities takes Chaplin’s kid away is the biggest tearjerker ever. And realizing that the kid actor will grow up to become Uncle Fester just makes you sob like it’s Christmas. (Maybe my Christmases are different from yours?)

3. Up
The first 10 minutes of Up are downers.

4. Toy Story 3D
has a sequence that I don’t wanna spoil but it made me feel bad for all the toys I’ve ever thrown out in my life. It made me feel like I sent my best friends to Auschwitz.

5. Watership Down
For fucks sake, why don’t you kill Bambi’s mom while you’re at it?!

6. Bambi
Oh, right… they did.

7. Old Yeller
I kind of laughed myself through this one but I think this is one of those titles that have to be included in a list like this.

8. A.I. Artificial Intelligence
With RoboHookers and Haley Joel Osment’s face it might not rank as a film best suited for kids but I’ll let it pass anyway. The scene where the mom dumps the Sixth Sense kid is fantastic. I mean; we have all fantasized about dumping our kids in the woods but Spielberg manages to make me feel bad about it.

9. Homeward Bound
Poor Shadow…

10. Die unendliche Geschichte
or “The Neverending Story” as it’s known in the non Nazi-speaking parts of the world. Perhaps not a sad film in itself and I haven’t seen it as an adult (or drunk) but when I was a kid they screened this at my school. When the scene where the horse is drowning all the girls started crying so hard that they had to stop the movie. I still haven’t seen the rest of it but I’m scared to death of horses so I would probably love it.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika Honorary mention:

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
After a 5 year break from the bottle this got me drinking again. And Crying.

Cannibal Holocaust
I don’t cry while I watch this drunk, but my kids do.

the animated comedy series and blog lunki and sika

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  1. Paige permalink
    April 4, 2011 10:59

    LOL, great list! Too funny.

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