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The Sika African Travel Story – Part Four: The Jalla Jalla Wedding

September 18, 2010

Sika naked in TunisiaMy sister got married yesterday. I have been  to quite a few weddings in Sweden but never a Tunisian one and there were some differences. It was really fast paced, the whole ceremony was in Arabic; I couldn’t understand a word, there were a lot of signing papers; and a lot of praying to Allah.

But there were similarities as well. The joy, the laughter, people hugging and kissing. And the awkwardness of two families meeting for the first time.

The wedding dinner took place in Korba at the mother of the groom’s house. While goats, chickens and geese wandered outside we sat inside enjoying a feast of couscous, harissa, tajine and other tunisian foods.

The night ended with me smoking the chicha water pipe with my new brothers-in-law; while my sisters were getting henna tattoos from the groom’s sister. I asked if I could get an over-all body henna tattoo to fake a sun tan. She answered:”There is not enough henna in the world” in Arabic. My new brother-in-law translated it for me. I am sure he must have gotten it wrong.

Anyways, it was a great day and I am happy to see my sister so happy.

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