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The Sika African Travel Story – Part One: Sparks Flying

September 16, 2010

Sika naked in TunisiaThe flight from Sweden to Tunisia was nice with the amazing view of the Italian Eastern border with Bologna as highlight.

The husband to be met us at the airport after the passport control. He had arranged a car and driver to take us the 100 kilometers to our destination; Nabeul where we are staying.

The no-english-what-so-ever driver led us to the parking lot and stopped in front of two cars. One was a taxi-looking van with about eight seats; the other one seemed to be a rusty piece of gathered scrap metal. Guess which one was our ride..

Scrap Metal

Image via Wikipedia

We crammed ourselves into the back of what we later figured out was a Fiat from the early seventies, while the husband to be and driver struggled to fit our luggage into the trunk.

Sparks flew as we drove off; without seatbelts but with anticipation of a great african adventure and the objective of getting the perfect tan.

The Adventure continues..

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