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My Operation Room Demand

September 7, 2010

Lunki and Sika's intern Johnny the Intern with a liverpool football club anfield t-shirtHello again! It’s me, Johnny the Intern, reporting live from the hospital. Here’s an update of what has happened with my acute appendicitis since last time.

Yesterday at 10 pm I was rolled in my bed to the operating room. At three minutes past ten I made clear to the operating staff how important it was that nothing would go wrong since I am going to a folk singer festival in three days. Their response? Well, laughter and rolling of the eyes.

Awoke two hours later and was overheard telling a nurse: “I assume everything went well, as you know there is a folk singer festival in three days!” This I have no recollection of since I was quite affected by the drugs.

Minutes later I came to and the staff told me as I was wheeled back to my room that there was no way I was going to no festival! They apparently have to wait and see if my stomach and bladder works properly after the operation.

No festival? I will show them! As soon as they leave me alone I will leave this bed and show them a masterpiece in number one and number two! Oh and eat something too.

This has been Johnny the Intern reporting from the hospital. Check back later for updated reports on this exciting news item.

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