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The Stomachache from Hell

September 6, 2010

Lunki and Sika's intern Johnny the Intern with a liverpool football club anfield t-shirtHello everybody!! Missed me?

I have had the weirdest couple of weeks. It all started when I got these stomachaches. And this past Saturday it got so bad I had to go to the emergency room. The doctors took a quick look at me and made the diagnosis that I perhaps had been drinking and eating something bad. So I was sent home again.

Back home I started getting high fever and whenever I fell asleep I had these weird dreams; in one of them I am in the United States filming Lunki and he gets shot! And in another I am up on stage singing back up to now-deceased Swedish folksinger Cornelis Vreeswijk.

My beautiful girlfriend wanted me to go back to the emergency room but I told her I don’t really have time to be sick this week; I am going to a folk singer festival in three days!! And I am NOT missing it.

However, the stomachaches came back something fierce and my girlfriend had to help me back to the car, me walking hunched over like a swimmer waiting for the starter pistol to fire, and she walking behind me pushing me forward.

Now I am back at the ER, this time the doctors have changed their minds. It’s acute appendicitis and I need emergency surgery. I have agreed to this but I have also said to them, very firmly, that in three days I AM going to a folk singer festival!

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  1. Janne permalink
    September 6, 2010 10:59

    Sounds like your God is punishing you for your sins, Johnny.

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