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The Vicious Rumor

August 9, 2010

The animated web series and comedy blog lunki and sika-sika with a beatles seargent pepper lonely hearts club band presents his top ten 10 favorite movies about lonely people and lonelinessThere’s a vicious rumor going on about us on the internet and I want to take this opportunity to nip it while it’s still hopefully in the bud.

We are not dead.

None of us. Not me. Not Lunki. Not Janne the Director. Not Johnny the Intern. It’s just that during the summer in Sweden we take time off from work and go on holiday for four to five weeks. And that’s the reason for the non-existing new episodes and the low number of blog updates. Sometimes we go to Thailand, but most often we like cramming ourselves in caravans and rummage the Swedish countryside. I have no idea which one of these my three colleagues chose but I could definitely picture Johnny the Intern sitting outside a caravan barbecuing sausages and offering them to passer-byers. Sau-sage?

As of today however, vacation’s over and we will get back to business. A bit rested. A bit tanned. Totally alive.


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